The Story

In a strange orphanage where the little monsters really are little monsters, three friends are constantly getting themselves in supernatural misadventures.

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About Us

Esther Pimentel- Hi there! I'm a young illustrator, currently studying 3D Animation and Video games. I've been working this past year on some projects, such as Alterna's IF Anthology, Boundless, Death's End, and The Committee!
Twitter- @Gillyaart

Toben Racicot- Toben came to the comic industry as a last resort after failing in the culinary world. His dream to open a poutine and waffle shop quickly ended during the Great Potato Famine of 2011 in Saskatchewan. His love of comics started as early as he can remember. Watching Spider-Man and reading Archie. As a writer, he tells his own stories but loves collaborating with other creators as a letterer and designer.
Twitter- @TobenRacicot

Julian Dominguez- Hi everyone! I just want to make comics that will hopefully make people happy or laugh and if I'm lucky both.
Twitter- @Boxboycomics